Magon. Res. Med. Unofficial LaTeX Template

Journals quite often have somewhat asinine typography requirements. In my field, I quite often want to use $\LaTeX$ when unfortunately it is not always terribly welcome. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (MRM) is a journal that I have published in quite a lot that accepts $\LaTeX$ submissions, has a stringent set of slightly odd typographical requirements for submission, but does not provide either a class or example article.

As a brief sketch, here’s my template that I’ve used to submit several papers successfully to the journal. At some point I’ll probably tidy it up significantly and turn it into a class file and dump it on github – there are really a lot of MR researchers who use TeX.

Likewise, my version of a corresponding bst file appears to be acceptable (yes, I know we should probably all switch to biblatex), and you can download it here. Enjoy, but note that this is an entirely unofficial production.


%Change if in the US
\DeclareFloatingEnvironment[name={Supporting Video},listname={Supporting Video Captions}]{suppfigure}
\DeclareDelayedFloat{suppfigure}{Supporting Videos}

%Include for ease when responding to Reviewer's comments

\renewcommand*\listfigurename{Figure captions}

%Depending on the length of your manuscript, uncommenting the below might be an idea

\chead{My Awesome Paper}


\title{My Awesome Paper}
\affil[1]{My First Place of Employment}
\affil[2]{My Second Employer} 

\renewcommand\Authands{ and }

% Abuse cover page: 

\date{\vspace{1 em}\flushleft Running title: Running Title Goes Here and in the chead command above\\\vspace{1em}Word Count: 0 (Including figure captions and abstract). \\\vspace{1em}Corresponding author:\\ You\\Your Address \\Tel:+xx xxx xxx\\Fax +xx xxx xxx \\ Email:\\\vspace{1em}



\emph{Purpose:} \\
 %\emph{Theory:} (If appropriate)\\
 \emph{Methods:} \\ 
  \emph{Results:} \\
  \textbf{Key words:} \emph{Go here}

You're on your own from here!

Note that MRM require un-numbered sections titled as per the abstract.