VarianTools and other MRI utilities

I have aimed to move some of my MR utility and reconstruction scripts into a more open domain. You can find them on github. Of note are:

  1. viewimage.m, a multidimensional complex image viewer
  2. ReconMatlab, a set of Xrecon scripts that can pipe Varian/Agilent FID files to a remote *nix machine running some arbitrary command of the users’ choice (e.g. matlab) which then produces Flexible Data Format files that are re-incorporated on the scanner’s console. This enables the quasi-online remote reconstruction of data acquired at the console. This is particularly useful with techniques such as compressed sensing.
  3. Recon scripts for both Varian and (just about) Bruker files: this includes file-format parsers for both big endian and little endian systems. (This is particularly useful on our SGI Irix box…)

Pull requests are always welcome.